I had few questions from Telegram, LinkedIn and Office colleagues on how did i Prepare and Pass this exam, hence i thought of sharing my experience with this article which is specifically targeted at people with little to no experience with GCP. Though that wasn’t the case with me since I have been working on few GCP services (mainly BigQuery, Dataflow, PubSub, Composer, GCS, Dataprep) for the past two years.

About the exam

It’s a 2 hours exam with multiple choice and multiple select kind of questions. It consists of 50 questions across most of the services of Google Cloud which will be…

Google Cloud has rolled out some new features for the BigQuery UI. There are layout changes, enhancements to existing features, and all together new features that should help change the way we use BigQuery UI.

First to get to the new UI go to the BigQuery console and select ‘SHOW PREVIEW FEATURES’ in the top navigation bar. Once in the new UI you will see a hide version to take you back so do not worry about being stuck in the new UI forever as you can always go back to the older version.

Older Version:

Cloud SQL vs Cloud Spanner

Cloud SQL: Fully managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server

Cloud Spanner: Fully managed relational database with unlimited scale, strong consistency and very high availability.

There is not a big difference between then in terms on what they do (storing data in tables). The difference is how they handle the data in a small and big scale. Cloud Spanner is used when you need to handle massive amounts of data with an elevated level of consistency and with a big amount of data handling (+100,000 reads/write per second). Spanner gives much better…

Structs — Where Type = Record is a Structs

Array — Where Type = Record and Mode = Repeated, it’s a Array.

Let me illustrate both with an example from a table I created for taxi_trip.

In the below Schema for taxi_trip, notice we have attribute event as the record type and mode is repeated so this is an array. We have another attribute pickup as the record type but mode here is not repeated, it’s a Structs

Now let’s insert values into this table, not that we have 2 attributes with Record type, out of which 1 is mode…

Nilesh Khandalkar

Working as a Data Engineer with Accenture

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